Farm Membership ( 6 Months )

Farm Membership ( 6 Months )

We know you want the highest quality, healthiest foods for yourself and your family.  Our goal is to provide you with products that are sustainably raised in a way that is the healthiest for the environment, the farmer and of course you the consumer.  We are only able to grow because of the support of our wonderful customers.

One way you can help us grow is by joining our farm membership program.  This program will help to ensure that we are able to keep our freezers stocked so that you don't have to keep yours full.

How does it work?  It's really simple.  You buy a membership that lasts for either 6 or 12 months.  The longer the term you select, the greater the discount off of our retail price.  At the first of every month you will receive an allotment of dollars to spend in the form of a store credit.  You can then purchase what you want when you want.  There is no minimum order and any unused credit will still be available for future purchases.

As a farm member you will also receive priority ordering. When we get in hard to get cuts or are running low on popular cuts they will be offered to you first.  If there is anything in particular you are looking for just let us know.

  1. 6 Month Membership   - Cost $600   - Monthly Allotment $110 - Annual Value $660
  2. 12 Month Membership - Cost $1200 - Monthly Allotment $115 - Annual Value $1380

If you do not use your entire allotment for the month it will roll over.  The monthly allotments are issued as store credit and are not transferable.  No refunds will be issued.  The money will be spent on front end cost such as feed, equipment, processing helping us to have more product available.