1/4 Hog Bundle (option 1)

1/4 Hog Bundle (option 1)

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Included in our 1/4 hog bundle are the following:

  • 6 packs of 1” Pork Chops (2/pk) ~ 7.2 lbs. 
  • 2 packs of Pork Cubed Steaks ~ 2.3 lbs. 
  • 1 Ham Steak ~ 1.4 lbs. 
  • 2 Boston Butts ~ 7.5 lbs. 
  • 5 packs of Bacon 12oz/pk
  • 2 packs Ground Pork 1lb/pk
  • 10 packs of Sausages 1lb/pk (up to 2 flavors - your choice)

Currently this is a pre-order item only. We may not have everything in stock currently. Once you place your order we will email you to get your sausage preferences.  We will also email you to notify you when your order is ready and arrange a delivery date.

We will try to get each bundle as close as possible to the above list. Package weights will inevitably very due to the nature of our products. We may have to adjust the sausage weights to insure each bundle has the correct total weight. The total bundle weight is 34.15  lbs.