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Pick Up / Delivery

Meet us to pick up your order on your scheduled pickup date and time if you are using one of our pick up locations. Or, simply enjoy time with your family while we deliver to your door. We look forward to seeing you!

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Common Questions

What are pick-up locations?

A pick-up location is the place we will meet you to deliver your order.  Locations could be anywhere from a home driveway to business parking lot.

How do pick-ups work?

Simply arrive at your pickup location at the designated time and provide our delivery driver with the name on your order.  Please bring a copy of your confirmation email or have access to it on your phone.  Our driver will load your items into your vehicle for you.  

Can I have someone else pick up my order?

Yes, please send them with a copy of your confirmation email so we know they have your permission to pick up.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept credit and debit card payments.  You will be prompted to enter your credit card information to your account during the checkout process.  Once we finalize your order and it is packed, your order's total will be charged to the card on file and a receipt emailed.

Is there a delivery fee?

In order to help us cover fuel and labor costs all orders incur a flat $4.95 handling fee.  This fee is waived on orders over $100.

What is the deadline for placing my order?

Currently, order deadlines are 2 - 3 days prior to the delivery date.

Can I add to my order after it has been submitted?

Yes, you can login anytime before the order deadline and add items to your existing order. 

Ordering Policies

Your initial order totals are estimated

Due to the fact that many of our products are sold by the pound, your final total could be slightly higher or lower than your order's initial estimated total.  Once we pack your order, your order will be finalized and an email will be sent with your receipt. 

Short Stock Items

Please understand we are a family farm and do our best to ensure the inventory listed on our website is accurate but sometimes mistakes are made.  If for some reason an item becomes unavailable your final total will be updated.

Cancellation or Missed Pick Up

All cancellations of orders require notice no less than 48 hours prior to your pick-up time.  If you miss your pick-up without 48 hours notice the card you have on file will be charged a $25 restocking fee.  Please arrive to the pickup locations on time.  Our driver cannot wait since he has other stops. 

Is There A Pickup Location Near You?

Click on the button below to see all of our current pickup locations.

We are always looking for new locations.  If there isn't one near you and don't mind us using your driveway or business parking lot let us know.  You can click the link in the top right of the map to suggest pickup locations.